Mist Spray Bottle

Mist Spray Bottle


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It’s a great tool to refresh and detangle hair strands without soaking your hair. The mist particles can cover large areas of your hair quickly, evenly, and effectively from all angles.

Its multifunctional uses are endless, from water sprays for hair, using as a leave-in container, to cleaning activities, and even aid in gardening.

The bottle opens in a similar way to a medicine bottle: hold it steady on a flat surface, push down the lid and turn it anti-clockwise.

Perfect for detangling and refreshing locks
Sprays a fine continuous mist
Works upside-down and at a 360-degree angle
185 ml capacity

How to clean the mist spray bottle: 
Unscrew pump bottle. Pour out any leftover nasal rinse and liquid from the bottle. 
  1. Wash the bottle in hot (not boiled) soapy water and then rinse with clean warm water. 
  2. Gently remove the plastic nasal and rinse it with warm water 
  3. Once the bottle has been washed, rinse out the pump with warm water by allowing clean water to pass through the pump spray function
  4. We recommend replacing/remove the water content daily 
  5. Clean once a week.
    Do not place in dishwasher