Sleep Happy Giftset

Sleep Happy Giftset


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How have you been sleeping? Have you taken your own advice and dedicated time for self-care.✨

HAIRITAGE understands how important it is to be our best selves and a big part of that is to get a good night's sleep. And so we  have designed the perfect SLEEP HAPPY GIFTSET to help you be your BEST SELF.

This beautiful box is filled with goodies you love and need:

1.  O' So Curly Hair Bonnet - to protect your mane.

2. Yankee Candle - to set the perfect mood.

3. Ear Plugs - to block out the noise of 2020.

4. Eye mask - to keep your eyes hydrated.

5. 100% Lavender Essential Oil - to help you relax

6. Mist Bottle - to hydrate and nourish your hair

Bring on 2021 - she ready!🙌

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