Hair Loss Stress and Anxiety: The Cause and The Cure

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Losing your hair is never a fun experience. In fact, it’s an emotional journey which takes a lot of self-love, internal and mental strength. There are various different causes which result to hair loss but I’ll be focusing on Stress and Anxiety, something I’m very familiar with and still battling.

After months and months of worrying, sleepless nights, not eating, not exercising and crying over my luscious curly hair falling out, my hair routine was hit the hardest and neglected as the Stress and Anxiety affected my body dramatically. My curls had lost its bounce, density, volume and became extremely lifeless.

Since opening HAIRITAGE, and promoting healthy hair routines and products, I felt as if was being the biggest hypocrite in not following my own haircare and self-care advice. The aim at HAIRITAGE has always been to educate women/ girls and males in embracing their natural curls, coils, waves and all textures via natural safe styling.

It has been 9 incredible years since I’ve embraced my curls, and I do not regret the choice one bit. From fighting frizzy mares, to finding the right curly hair products in watching the YouTube channels; it has been one heck of a hair journey but super insightful as I built an amazing relationship with my natural tress. So when I lost my curl pattern and clumps of my hair, I literally felt scared and devastated in potentially having to restart my curly hair habits from the very beginning.

The Stress and Anxiety

If you suffer from Stress or/and Anxiety like myself, you will know that throughout the day your body and mind are always on edge and waiting for something bad to occur. You’re never full relaxed and for the most part you’re unable to eat probably. My eating habits were incredibly poor and in order for me to gain my energy back, I would snack on sugary items and comfort food. This had a massive impact on my hair as I started to experience multiple strands of hair falling out which I thought was normally shedding. But after a few months of friends and family members expressing that my hair was everywhere around their house, my house, car, kitchen etc I started to pay attention that this could be signs of hair loss.

My hair routine also started to changed, I notice that products sat on my hair and gave it a limp feel. Wash days were the worst, clumps upon clumps of hair would fall out and it reached a point when I became scared to wash my hair so I didn’t have to face the half of head of hair in my hands and bath tub. I even went to my GP to seek help, but I never received much from that appointment.


Image above shows my hair clump after each wash. (I would wash my hair every week)

My first thought was, starting all over again via chopping my hair off. I had always wanted a short hair style, and this could have been my opportunity. But then I had to remember, I’m promoting a message to young girls and women in embracing their locks and how to transition from damaged to healthy hair and, this could be another story to tell. So, I started to take my own advice and practice self-care.

The Cure, The Journey

I focused on my health, I introduced exercise to my daily routine and was conscious of the food which I was in taking. My pause moments came into play with meditation and prayer. I started to pay attention to where I was putting my focus and letting the Universe do its thing. Alongside this I introduced SuperFood LX Hair, Skin & Nails Supplements to my dietary which is scientifically formulated with high grade of vitamins and minerals such as nutrient-rich seaweed Kelp and freshwater algae Spirulina designed to deliver accelerated hair growth. With this new disciplined routine in place I started to see results within 3 months. My excessive hair shredding had stopped and back to its normal rate and my body felt lighter. Within 6 months I started to see new hair growth and my scalp felt fuller than before.


SuperFoods LX Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement. Sold at HAIRITAGE online and in store. Image 2, shows the amount of hair I would loose after my wash after using SuperFoods LX Supplements.

Hair moisturisers were able to penetrate into my hair easily and I started to see my curls happy and healthy with using vegan friendly and lightweight creams like Trepadora Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie.

I’m still taking the vitamins, keeping my exercise and healthy hair habits in place as I now know I’ll need to be on top of this to help support my body. The Anxiety and Stress is controlled better through meditation, prayer and reading a lot of self-help books. One of the books I highly recommend is How To Be A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero. You won’t regret buying into this.

I’m happy I was able to push myself and my curls through this transition as I hope it helps those who are also suffering from Stress related hair loss.

Check out my mini IGTV where I discuss my journey along HERE. 

Are you struggling with or have you overcome Stress related hair loss? Share your story with us.

Love and Kisses, Jojo x

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