A Guide in How to Use Olaplex

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A Guide in How to use Olaplex

Olaplex has become the one of the most popular and hot demands house-hold name in everyone's mouths for DIY hair repair home system, and there's a reason why. The expertly formulated brand was designed to not only cater for every hair type but to restore, repair and strengthen weak, damaged and chemically treated hair with REAL results after it's first wash. 

If you're after a miracle in a bottle, Olaplex is definitely the hair care brand that delivers and stays true to its message. It works to rebuild broken hair bonds (structuring damaged hair together) for beautiful and healthy hair by 68% and strengthen hair by x3.

From coils, to curls, waves and straight hair, Olaplex is a must have brand in everyone's bathroom and here at HAIRITAGE we aim to deliver this straight to you.

Below we've listed directions of how to use each product and how they work together. 













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